Judit Ekhard - 'Steps'

Judit Ekhard

After a poem by Hermann Hesse: Steps (Stufen)

… Cheerfully we walk through the spheres of our being, step by step. The magic of every new beginning shields and supports our journey. Perhaps, even the hour of death guides us towards new rooms … heart say goodbye and get well … (free translation - J.E.)

Judit Ekhard - 'For my violin'

Judit Ekhard

After a poem by Hermann Hesse: For my violin

… I hold your brown body in my hands and check your board, bridge and turning peg. Frequently, when you look at me from the wall, shining, it seems to me that a tone rests in your depth, which I could not find or was ever found by human hands … (free translation - J.E.)

Judit Ekhard - 'Das Knarren eines geknickten Astes'

Judit Ekhard

After a poem by Hermann Hesse - the last before his death : Das Knarren eines gecknickten Astes - « The broken branch »

Judit Ekhard - 'Voiles'

Judit Ekhard


Judit Ekhard - 'Chrysanthemum'

Judit Ekhard


Judit Ekhard - 'Luftbild der Ruinen eines Amphitheaters'

Judit Ekhard

Luftbild der Ruinen eines Amphitheaters — « Aerial view of the ruins of an amphitheater »

Judit Ekhard - 'Clair de lune'

Judit Ekhard

After a poem by Paul Verlaine : Clair de lune — « Moonlight »

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